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Torque tube inclination
I have resumed work on the Hillclimb car project and this week mounted the rear axle.  By means of drop links on the axle and reverse camber springs the chassis is very low, the top face of the side members being approx. 10" above the ground.
My next job is to fit the torque tube anchor.  I am using a Ruby type axle and the anchor is of the Silentbloc bush type.
With the anchor positioned such that the torque tube is level (the car unladen), the prop-shaft will follow a nice level line to the back of the gearbox.  I am concerned that when the car is finished and laden, the rear suspension will deflect and this will result in the torque tube sloping down slightly at the front.  I know this can cause the axle oil to drain out at the front end of the torque tube.   With a slight inclination is this likely to occur?
If I raise the torque tube anchor to give the torque tube a slight upward slope the line of the transmission does not look quite right.   I do not want particularly to have to raise the engine and box in the chassis as there is sufficient ground clearance as it is.
Malcolm. I put a modern oil seal in the torque tube. I forget the sizes but there's one that fits the tube and pinion shaft exactly and for good measure used a sealed bearing at the top end. No leaks.

See you Saturday?
I don't think the transmission alignment is critical if you are using a hardy spicer propshaft,I would mount the front end of the axle slightly higher than the line of the torque tube,(Nose high) when you have weighted the chassis with the weight of you and estimated bodywork/fuel.
I've had a couple of cars with negative camber springs and the oil just pours out the front of the axle,Or it's always going to sit there if you fit seals.
Back to the propshaft alignment,think of the misalignment on a car with offset transmission,thats more than 10 degrees out at the torque tube.
Thanks for the above advice.  I am using a Hardy Spicer propshaft so raising the front end of the torque tube will probably be the answer.  Thinking about it the angle between the propshaft and torque tube will not be as great as on a Chummy or saloon with steeply cambered springs.
Malcolm - I can bring a sealed front end bearing with me this weekend if you would like one.

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