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Secretarial Vacancy
In April 2018, I will be standing down from the position of Association Secretary, along with the Editor and Registrar. We have good candidates for the position of Editor and Registrar but have yet to receive any positive interest for position of Secretary. I have been advertising the post through your Club Secretaries and in the Minutes of Association meetings, but it is possible that some person or people here have missed that but have an interest in the position. 

May I remind you that, under the terms of the new Constitution, the appointment will be for a term of 3 years, with the possibility of serving a second 3 year term. ie, you won't be stuck for a job for life, nor can you serve more than 6 years, even if you wish to.

If anyone might be interested and would like an informal chat, please drop me a note including your telephone number and I'll get in touch..

many thanks in advance...


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