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Richard Edmonds results?
(07-11-2017, 10:15 AM)Mike Costigan Wrote: If these Richard Edmonds prices are a guide, it looks like pre-war prices generally are depressed: three years ago I sold a very smart 1930 Morris Cowley, and was disappointed to get £10,000; a similar car in almost as good condition was sold in this auction for £6,500. That shows a similar trend to those £16-18,000 chummies now selling for £11,500 (and two failing to sell at £9,500).

Mike is correct, only  two chummies sold.  They made £13041 and £13442 when you include the fees etc.
I'm not sure how this translates to the US. I watch Bring a Trailer, and there is almost never a prewar car. An acquaintance has a small collection and when I mentioned a Seven he dismissed it roundly. Ariel Atoms and Porsches are more his thing and I couldn't convince him of the fun that can be had without really exceeding the speed limit. I certainly appreciate post war cars, having had MGBs among others. But the simplicity of such things as Sevens means that they can be driven regularly and rebuilt more easily than a rusted out hulk of an XKE. And the cost savings of speeding tickets is money saved.


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