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Friends' Gallery Picture of the Month - April 2020
He won the Coronation Cup for a 50mile race at Southport in 1937. The Sunbeam was a 1921 GP car, in which he installed a RollsRoyce Falcon aero engine.

Motor Sport for April 1943.

" The J.W.B. started as a sort of home-brewed Austin Seven with the driving seat literally behind the back-axle. but was later very considerably cleaned up and given a Riley Nine engine with twin S.U. carburetters, four separate exhaust pipes, an Armstrong-Siddeley water pump, Austin Seven front and rear axles and radiator, Bugatti steering, a steering-wheel off a 1905 car owned by Burnand ‘s father, aeroplane pressure gauges and rev.-counter, and a 5-gallon oil drum for a fuel tank."
Alan Fairless

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