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Chummy rear seat
What are the approximate dimensions of the Chummy rear seat please...I think mine is too deep.
The construction underneath, the substantial heft of it all, and now the innards really do point to an upholsterer doing a 'good job' to make something a bit more comfortable on perhaps a then-tired car. There also aren't any other indicators of Austin 7s having leather sides and cloth faces. Worth investigating though - thanks for the photos!
Ian Moorcraft has just emailed to say:

"that's a bus seat and moquette from Eastern Coachworks.
Bristol Omnibus and Western National used that pattern in the 50/60s. They used green leather around the edges and Dunlopillo inside.
We can still get that pattern made now".

That would be a mean little bus seat!
What an amazing coincidence it fits a chummy rear seat though-
I shall put a new cover over the top, and be quietly chuffed it's a bus seat.
Thanks for looking into it, sorry it wasn't a missing Austin fabric.

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