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Chummy rear seat

You can just about see some metal clips on the edge of the wooden frame to retain the seat into position. This is the rear seat for my 29 fabric saloon.
From my not particularly original 28 Chummy...



Although this seat, which I consider to be original, is from a 1930 Saloon and has none!


On the other matter, the girls are beside themselves at having to stay with us!!
Peter's photo above shows a nice incidence of original Tapestry trim poking through under more modern ?leathercloth. The things to be vigilant for, please! Many cite anorak's charter, but it could just be YOUR car that has one of the last remaining examples of one of the trims we don't yet have evidence of.
The Z-clips shown in Peter's photo are the original means of location. Here's the similar arrangement on David Howe's chummy:


.jpg   chummy seat 2.JPG (Size: 54.62 KB / Downloads: 215)

Note also in the close-up there is a circular leather pad each side to act as a cushion between seat and floorpan.

Ah! I see the sort of thing now- thanks very much everyone.
I will post pictures of the seat in a little while.
Meantime here's my Felix mascot, which I'm especially fond of.
On the other matter- what sort of money are we talking about, and are they well-behaved?

That's the first time I've posted a picture
There you are, Steve - sorted!
here's a couple of pictures- I sent more over by e mail as requested.

Multiple pictures taxing the grey matter

third one showing fabric not destroyed by UV

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.jpg   IMG_0504.JPG (Size: 77.08 KB / Downloads: 138)
.jpg   IMG_0498.JPG (Size: 190.84 KB / Downloads: 136)
.jpg   IMG_0499.JPG (Size: 171.58 KB / Downloads: 133)
brilliant, Steve. Can you determine if there is another layer underneath the glitzy stuff... and see through those drilled holes what the material(s) which provide the 'spring' is?
Ok- had a look, and not what I expected- will be very interested to see what you think.
There's not a fabric layer under there, but a big piece of foam, which is properly formed to the seat shape, and is obviously pretty old as it has a crusted degraded surface. It clearly has a distinct paler surface layer, about half an inch thick. It smells strongly of rubber.
I reached down the sides, and it sits on a really substantial base board, which looks like  a softwood like deal. It's not plywood.

.jpg   IMG_0506.JPG (Size: 166.67 KB / Downloads: 124) a closer detail below

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.jpg   IMG_0505.JPG (Size: 162.95 KB / Downloads: 120)
That looks like Dunlopillo to me. It was around pre war but seemed widespread in the 1950s.



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