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JA 2392
My much travelled AG tourer I now find had a registration JA 2392 (Stockport) before going to Hong Kong (AP9057) and California ("Historic CHITTI") now back in the UK it has been allocated YXS 938.
Does anyone know if Stockport Records from the 1930's are still accessible? If so I might take on the DVLA to see if I can reclaim the original number. I can trace the lineage to an extent, knowing the car was shipped out  of Liverpool in 1969 (no export docs though....) and the 1969- Hong Kong owner is very much alive and could provide affidavits if appropriate/helpful! Only if Stockport can confirm the export etc would I have a decent chance.
Stockport Local Heritage Library, Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK1 3RS (0161 474 4530). Email:
Registers DB 1- 9999 and DB 1-1320 (m/c) (Re-writes of original); also registers 1932-1968 and SDB-H to VDB-K.

what year? - you may be in luck!
How come you only know now the original registration - did someone come up with information?
Hi david,

Always good to find history on a car.

But I dont think dvla will give a number back on shipping proof.

I had an MG M Type I imported as all the dvla trouble kicked off.

I had a mountain of history, all apart from the important stuff, previous V5, tax discs.

I had the shipping to usa paperwork, and usa title. And shipping back proof, they would only give a number back on proof it had been registered on it's original number.

They did red flag the original reg, so nobody else could claim it. Just in case a previous v5 or tax disc could be found.

You would be better off finding were it was original first registered, and see if any of that history still available, As this proves the car was registered for the road. Dvla will return a number on this.

If you dont get the number back, it may be an idea to put a small plaque in the corner of the number plate with it's original reg on. So the cars history can be tracked in the future.

The only evidence the DVLA will accept as proof linking a car to its original registration number is a buff/green log book/ registration document/V5 linking the chassis number that is visible on the car to the original registration number or a certified copy of an entry in the records of the former registration authority showing the visible chassis number linked to the registration number. Old tax discs, MOT certificates, photographs or anything else you can come up with don't cut it.

If all else fails, you could always put on a cherished number. e.g. JA 2189  ( ) and  JA 3638,   JA 7395 and others ( ) .....and offers usually accepted....
The trouble with that idea, Tony, is that it supports this nasty trade.

I don't understand why DVLA make it so difficult to reclaim an original registration. If there's reasonable evidence to link the registration to the car, surely it could do no harm to re-issue it as non-transferable, with a condition that it has to be surrendered if someone turns up with better evidence?
You are in luck. It was registered first quarter of 32 probably from the other JAs.
The index card will be there. So you may be home and dry as long as you can relate the registration date from the Stockport register to something in the back file?
Try the Kithead Trust they may a link between reg and chassis number, they only have a few records but they won’t charge if they don’t find any thing.
(31-03-2020, 09:33 PM)Martin Prior Wrote: The trouble with that idea, Tony, is that it supports this nasty trade.
Too true - and the end result is people ending up with one of the ghastly BF numbers
Thanks for all your advice. I will try Stockport & see what they can throw up. I did get the original number back on my 27 Chummy...without a green log book (just part of one in Photocopy!) and with the car being exported on an incorrectly entered number! DVLA were very good; turned up the original ancient microfiche & admitted their mistake!
So worth a go.....if successful perhaps I can sell the newly minted YXS plates to whoever gets it allocated!

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