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"Dead" Spline on clutch.
Having removed the engine on my ARQ Ruby for a rebuild, I left the g/box in place. Anyway today was tasked to refit engine, but how to align up to the "dead" spline ????
Simples, hang the engine off the hoist at about 10-15 degreesĀ  and visually align g/box to flywheel casing so clutch plate kisses input splines, then jack up rear of car until one wheel just spins, put g/box into 4th gear, & get the Mrs to slowly turn the back wheel, after about a 1/4 turn the dead spline hooked up and the engine and g/box 'cluncked' together, sorted ,took about 5 mins.
tomorrow we'll get it running !!!!
Well done for finding a method that works for you.
There are a few other methods of achieving the same thing.
Winding the starting handle with the car in gear whilst pushing the engine back will work as well.
I usually leave the clutch cover loose enough so that the pressure plate will move into alignment.
Once its all back together I tighten the cover bolts then refit the flywheel cover.

At least the Ruby engine is easy to refit with plenty of space around it.

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