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Photo diary over the decades
I love the way photos tell a story. Can anyone else find photos of their 7 in 7 different decades? I suppose I could nip out to the garage and make it 8 but I think there's a limit of 7 per post!


1950s. Holiday to Cornwall.


1960s. Daily transport.

.png   1960sCrop.png (Size: 1.43 MB / Downloads: 437)

1970s. In retirement.


1980s. Restoration.


1990s. In use again as a second car.


2000s. A family trip to Beaulieu


2010s. Enjoying the Highlands.

1934 and 2005.
This is 30's through to the 90s. The car still resides in my garage.

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Alan Fairless
Excellent. I'm very envious of you both being able to trace history back to the 1930s. Great photos.

Lots of us could probably manage 5 decades, six if you count the current one (although it has barely started). Back to the 30's is awsome. Can anyone manage from the 20's to date with the same car?

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