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Single seater
I agree, Duncan.  Threads such as this are invaluable for those contemplating starting a build.  The hardest part of any build is actually starting it.   Don't be frightened of cribbing ideas from other builds, and remember that often the best way of doing something is also the simplest.  Nearly every aspect of Austin 7 special building has been done before, so study every one you can, it will be time well spent.
Whilst there is a great deal of pride to be got from restoring a car to its correct appearance and specification, the satisfaction from building a unique special from redundant parts is second to none.  For myself, I realised that I would never be able to afford a single seater or as we say in Yorkshire, 'thoil' it, so I started my project.  As for cost, you can spend as much money as you want, but don't necessarily have to spend a fortune if you are prepared to get stuck in.
Cribbing ideas is good for inspiration,as is creating your own unique vehicle.
One of the things I find hard is designing things as you go along.If you have an engineering type friend,or just another pair of eyes to maybe say "How about doing it this way" is really helpful.
The vintage special I'm building I reckon half the cost will be for the professional bodywork but I think it has saved me a year,and I couldn't have produced the same result.
Again having another pair of eyes from what I had thought/designed was going to have a flat vertical bulkhead to the engine bay,but where do I fit the battery? After discussion we decided to do it similar to a nippy which left space for the battery and a reserve fuel tank.
If you don't want a lead acid battery then gel 6v ones are available (and preferred/ required? ) by scrutineers. Smaller & can be oriented any way you want.
One of the car's I bought from the US had one ( rattling loose behind a seat because it didn't fit in the box.....!)

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