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Single seater
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Hi guys. Are there any drawings and or spec for a single seat race car with an offset rear axle. Body drawings with dimensions etc?
Many thanks
Can I ask why my thread has been given a thumbs down and seems to have a black spot?
I apologise if I have asked something I should not have
The black spot indicates the thread contains posts by you; no idea why you've gained a thumbs down, unless someone thinks they've got copyright on all single-seater designs ...
Most likely someone pressed the wrong button - wouldn't take it personally John.

As for your request, I can't imagine where you will find any detailed plans, unless someone who has built one for themselves is feeling benevolent.
I have no idea on the thumb John, but we built an offset supercharged single seater a little over 2 years ago now, no body drawings, I scaled it off a side view of the Kaye Petre replica using the 19" wheel as a dimension reference.

I have some dimensions of what I did and what I cut - send me a private message and we can chat off-line

Thank you very much for the replies. PM sent greig
Sorry to jump in here but I too would love to know what the cutting measurements and shaft welding techniques were. Also did you tweak the axle ends to build in some camber? Did you ever find any info the works split tubular axle? I’ve taken pictures of plus of course seen the one here.
At the end of the day, if you want to build yourself a single seater, especially one with the complication of an off-set diff rear axle, you will need to work a lot of the detail out yourself.  It's alright taking loads of photos of other cars, but there is no substitute for setting up your chassis and positioning the major components.  You will need to make decisions and go for it.  If you get something wrong, it will have to be done again, simple as that.   If that worries you, don't attempt the task.  None of the single seaters with off-set diffs follow the Austin Works method of having the torque tube angled to the rear axle, instead they use a conventional Austin diff casing with the torque tube at right angles to the axle. The angle is taken up by the prop shaft and most have the engine and gearbox positioned in line with the nearside chassis rail.  The complications don't stop there, think about the pedals, steering box etc.  Complications generally mean extra weight, some of these single seaters are quite heavy.
Why not go for a very simple and light single seater, it will be far simpler to build and unless you are a very capable engineer, much cheaper as well?
I would take a close look at simple single seaters like White Rabbit or the 'Moose' campaigned by Colin Machlaclan.  Sorry I can't post any photos of these specials but perhaps other Forumists will be able to?
I think I would say the same as Malcolm and go the simpler route.Would you be doing the work yourself John or having to employ others to do it ?
Building a single seater will be much more difficult than say an ulster as the body dictates where most of the bits will fit.
I'm building a non 7 vintage special from scratch now and I'm an engineer with a reasonable workshop and it's hard work this way,and time consuming too. Like trying to gain an extra inch or so in the cockpit because now the body is made feels it a bit tight. Or where and how to do the accelerator pedal and work comfortably.
You would also have to consider where or who you want to compete,Bert Hadley or VSCC ? they have different ideas on eligibility.
If you are really keen to go the works single seater route try phoning Rod Yates for advice,he might be able to give you some pointers in which way to progress.
I don't know what others think but cost ? £30k and 4 years to build a good car ?

Pic of Moose at the Scottish rally last year!



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