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Weight of rear of Ruby
I am needing to work on the rear hub of my Ruby but I wanted to keep it slightly mobile in the garage so I can move it out a little to access behind it occasionally.
I have some heavy duty castors in a frame that will support the front axle .
I also have some lighter “Clarke” castors that are rated at 72kg each that I can make a frame to support the rear/ rear axle.
The question is how heavy is the rear of a Ruby.The kerb weight is down as 616kg and I would think about 2/3rd of the weight is at the front so a “ guesstimate” rear weight of about 210kg and the castors would support 288kg, so should be ok.

Any advice?

( by the way the supports would be backed up with axle stands except when I actually move the car)

try it? its's not really going to endanger anything, is it, other than a castor being prematurely retired?
I weighed my fabric saloon using bathroom scales. One wheel at a time with a similar thickness spacer under the other wheel of each axle.
Total came out at about 10cwt including all the junk I carry around.
I was going to see how things went as jonE said the worst scenario is the castors break and anyway if they are rated at 72kg I am sure there is some leeway written into that.
Didn’t get round to it today as it has gone cold, even had sleet this morning, not rally a garage day.
I move my Ruby around in and out of the garage on a trolly jack put under the diff with a folded piece of rag between diff and jack. I then put axle stands underneath whilst working.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

Could meaure using a set of bathroom scales (25 stone = 160kg) under a front or rear wheel? Easy then to work out weight on each wheel, if total is 613Kg?
When I took my Ruby in for a voluntary MoT, August 2018, when it was sat on the rolling road, with a driver on board, the weight was displayed for each axle and rear of the car weighed quite a bit more than the front of the car, which was surprising, I can't quite remember what the actual split was, but I guess the tester was probably around 60-70Kg and with that I estimated that the car weighed in at around 480Kg total, with the uneven split front/rear, I would have thought at each rear wheel it would be about 130Kg so your figures are about right.

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