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Feel like a Maharajah when you drive a 7
Hi Bob. How's your bubble?
The generation of Post Office workers previous to yours would have been taught cursive writing on the job so that they could smoothly transcribe Morse code as it was transmitted.
They all wrote the same and most would have been pretty readable.
Hi Ritchie
On my own so can barely detect a difference. I have a couple of practical industrious colleagues, one of whom restores cars full time as a hobby, and they also report little detectable change, although the one with a wife still alive is more aware of. 
I find no motoring now compares anything like the days of my youth but local cycling for exercise has promise. 45 kph down hill on a Raleigh 20 approaches the Seven at 50 mph on the roads of yesteryear, with similar stopping ability and crash protection.
I sometimes worked at a station serving shipping. The operators tapped out morse whilst talking about something completely different, but the messages were very repetitive.
Thanks for several valiant attempts to interpret the handwriting! I have a slight 'edge' in being able to see the rest of the letter, and for now 'improvements' and 'silent' are the tentative winners. I'm no closer to knowing what the car was. Nor able to judge whether a medical professional of the day could afford a Rolls - though it's conceivable his patron might have had some say in that.

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