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Laid up insurance
Which providers have others found best for laid-up insurance cover?

And what sort of prices  are people paying?

Can't tell you because I have one car on the road and one laid up and the price is bundled.
However the bundled price I got from Bishop Calway for both cars was cheaper than the RH price for the single "on the road vehicle". Read into that what you will.

What type of Seven do you have and what is it's current value John?

I have two cars with RH, a 1935 four seat ORT on the road and a special in bits laid up.

The two premiums are the same, as when I enquired about laid up cover, the person I dealt with said they (RH) didn't offer lid up cover as the premium was so small, it made no difference.

I also tried to give details of the modifications to the special, but the person I dealt with replied "lets face it, all of them are a bit modified", so my certificate records an Austin seven tourer and an Austin seven. I figured as the only likely claim for the laid up car would be a total loss in the event of theft or fire, it made little difference. When (if)  I get the special roadworthy I will revisit that, as I am more than a little nervous that the conversation will be long forgotten in the event of a claim.

The premiums for the two cars are the same, and I don't think it's more than £150 for them both.
Thank you, Charles & Nick.

It's for a 1932 RN, Ruairidh. It's 'oily rag' but complete, just waiting for me to finish the rear brakes. So must be worth £4.000-5,000, I guess.

Thanks again

It's not relevant to laid up cars, but the RH insurance includes good breakdown cover anywhere in Europe. It may not matter to those who don't drive outside the UK, but for those of us who do it takes a lot of beating.
Robert Leigh
When I was building our Cup Model I insured it with RH and increased the value as the build progressed, I think it started at around about a £45 premium, with a valuation similar to yours John. I have a multi car policy.

To take advantage of RH A7CA scheme discount you must be a member of an A7CA member Club.

The package has a number of advantages as standard, including the extraordinary one mentioned by Robert above. Also: salvage, young driver and agreed or market value etc. The policy is not for cars being used everyday and you are expected to have access to another car so won’t be provided with a courtesy car unless your Seven is being repatriated from abroad, where one is provided for you to complete your holiday and then return home.

If the car is at your home address it must be kept on your drive, but preferably, in a garage - over night.


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