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Transport Scotland bill
The Scottish Government have proposed a classic car exemption for their forthcoming low-emission zone in Scottish cities. A consultation process was due to finish on Feb 24th prior to a vote.

I was flicking through Classic Car Weekly (26th Feb edition) at a friend's house last week and there was an article saying there will be no exemption. Can anyone confirm this? seems a bit quick for a decision to have been made within 2 days of the consultation. I'm hoping it is a bit of poor journalistic research - either that or I need to go to Specsavers.

A Google search hasn't brought up anything very recent.

I can confirm the consultation closed on 24th. A link was sent out in the PWA7C mag inviting people to participate but I didn't get mine till too late. I agree 2 days seems too short for a published outcome, more likely junk journalism.
Thanks Chris. I agree that's the most likely explanation … if not I shall be moving house!

I just checked the official site (here:

It says "We will aim to publish our response and analysis to the consultation within 20 working days of the consultation closing" so should be a week or two yet for anything definitive.

I'd like to think that at some point this bandwagon will be looked at rationally and the whole concept dismissed due to lack of proper supporting science (if not actively negative consequences); or at least that authorities will get together and agree uniform rules across regions and borders so people can travel. But then I'd like to believe in Father Christmas too...
I don't think common sense comes into anything any more.All about climate change hysteria and green taxes.
Reading in the paper today about Bristol town centre,supposedly anti car,i don't know.However a friends daughter lives and works there and has had to sell her diesel car and buy a petrol one as diesels are banned in the town centre.
While in Beeston,Nottingham,most of the little shops along the tram route closed up when it was being put in.
Much of it caused by empire building councils who won't see anything until the town centres are empty,especially as it's much easier to shop on line now.
Nottingham too pioneered work place parking charges,so companies/employees with more than 10 parking spaces have to pay this ,equal to VED I believe.
Every one is talking about congestion but the UK population by migration is increasing by about 1070 per week.
Re Diesel cars being banned Bristol city centre - just change the DCI badge on the boot to something appropriate ?
There are still 3 days remaining to have your say on a consultation by the "West Midlands Combined Authority" which proposes to BAN ALL FOSSIL-FUELLED CARS FROM ROADS IN THE WEST MIDLANDS FROM 2036.

Source info here: https://www.sustainabilitywestmidlands.o...ero-plans/

Participate in the consultation:
Diesel cars are not banned in Bristol
They are considering it but it cannot work they have realised
Good career opportunities at West Midlands Combined authority ,A communications and engagement manager is advertised. £44-50k pa plus benefits,one quality required " To drive behaviour change ".
I think that if some scheme as proposed goes ahead all our classic vehicles would become valueless almost over night.

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