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Plug & Points Gaps
Advice please on what gaps I should set a new set of Champion D16 plugs to, and also what should
the Points gap be on a 1932 RP.  I have set the plugs to 022" but I don't think the engine is running
as it should.  Undecided
Assuming you are running on the original DJ distributor (and there is not too much slack in the top bush) then the points should be set to 12 thou and the plugs to 18 thou. That is what I use on my '33 RP and it runs very well.
A mixture of normal richness is easily fired. The gap for a Pratt and Whitney Double Wasp is /was just .012".  Large gaps assist idle when mixture can be dubious, assuming the sytem can muster and stand high volts. (gaps for magnetos are small to reduce stress).
Most Seven owners seek every mousepower extractable and sunken valves also a consideration, so unlikely anyone is running weak mixes as moderns do so little case for wide gaps.
Points gap has an effect on timing and subsequently on performance. What was points gap earlier and now?

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