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1923 and 1924 Chummy and Sports models for sale
I considered just extracting the Austin Seven sales, but the other light cars make for an interesting comparison. Which would be your choice? - there probably is only one, if you had a time machine.
A high-resolution download is here Or, click the image and then click again to get a clearer, enlarged copy.

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I think the 1914 Brescia Bugatti for 135 pounds ONO sounds pretty good

I think my budget might stretch to the £23 Bleriot Whippet!
Hi Mike
Still more than a months wage for a tradesman.
Surprising the number of low production makes, although I guess at that stage Austins were also quite low.
Around 1960 I had to do a lot of study, and the public library suited. The adverts in Motor Sport were a serious distraction.
Bleriot Whippets are offered on exchange. I wonder what for! Described as ridden not driven. Shades of that with the Seven at times.
Seems could have got an AV for less.
I think I would have the Brookland's, sure there are other things there worth a dam sight more today however I have never owned an Austin because I could not afford something more "exotic" and there are no Brookland's left alive in captivity! I am assuming Tony's time machine is big enough that it allow's you to bring one car back with you
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