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Rust Removal Chemical
Has anyone used Xrust7, it sounds ideal for rust removal without causing damage, it does not damage aluminium which means you could submerge rusty old part complete, prior to stripping.
It is quite expensive at £50 plus VAT for 5 Ltrs although you do dilute it 1 part to 10 parts water.
Anyone used it?
The only method of rust removal I have ever used for serious rust is the 'electrolytic washing-soda' one.  It costs pennies (really) and no special equipment is needed, can utilise any charged car battery (preferably 12v), is completely safe (as long as used in a well ventilated area), and will not do any damage - in my experience.  The process can be left for hours or days depending upon the size of the job without any ill-effects.  It only needs topping up with water from time to time as the mixture evaporates over time. The mixture lasts and lasts.
Most proprietary rust removers are usually based on some pretty serious chemicals and I don't like 'em. 
 BTW I have no idea what it might do to aluminium - perhaps someone out there does?
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I've avoided the want to connect to battery and am trying Oxalic acid crystals as recommended by Hedd. Slower than stronger acids but 3.5kg (two tubs) for 15 quid delivered and it works nicely with enough in the water - more than I though I was going to put in. Bright yellow water. No bad smells. Been washing hands carefully as not sure of the constituents, but it seems to be used for all sorts of cleaning uses as well as wood bleaching.
What is the method of electrolytic rust removal using a 12v battery? Can you leave the battery connected to a charger?
Hi Folks,
I have started pickling a rusty head and block in white vinegar, The results have been very good so far, It has been very good at removing rust from inside the block and head, I have been wire brushing to help remove the residue, A pressure washer is great at blasting the water passages clean, Goggles are a Must ! Once the head was clean I have soaked it with Duck Oil as the clean surface will form surface rust very quickly.
The block has been in its bath for a week now, I am hoping that the White Vinegar has permeated down the stud threads so that removal will be easy.
I will report back.
Not sure about leaving the battery connected to a charger, but I mostly use a 12v charger (the old-fashioned typer, not an Accumate) on its own as a power source without any loss of electrolytic action. This ensures a constant power supply to the anode, but I can't see it would cause a problem to leave it connected to a battery, although that would seem bit superfluous methinks?
(True satisfaction is the delayed fulfilment of ancient wish)
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