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Looking back...
First thing I drove was a dumper truck with a Lister 2 cylinder aged about 10 or 11 on an uncles campsite in North Wales. It had rear wheel steering and proved good preparation for Austin 7's.
Pah, hairdressers! At least I hope your uncle showed you how to start in on the handle.   My dad sent us out to syphon petrol out of the fuel tanks of rich people's cars to fill the blowlamp, then we had to chip bits of flint for a spark to fire it to get the hot bulb glowing...... In them days the vicar drove a Trojan, it was very slow and took him so long to get to church that the bride was often pregnant before the wedding. Then again, two old ladies at the bus stop just told me that some European airlines have gone broke and stopped flying. Bad news for Trimotor spotters in Herefordshire then, no more sitting outside the Nissen hut at Shobdon with the Ian Allan book of Lufthansa planes. Will it ever stop raining, or should I just stop typing, put on sou'wester and oilskins, and go down to the workshop. Universal chorus of "Go to the workshop!"
Workshop wins every time  Big Grin
I’d had no idea you were from Yorkshire Steve.!
Should the vicar have had 'prima nocta' rights, he'd have bought a Bugatti....
also covered by Dr. Feelgood of course!
(05-03-2020, 10:58 AM)Ian Dunford Wrote: I’d had no idea you were from Yorkshire Steve.!

I remember Mr. Kay when he lived in Yorkshire, Ian. A lot of years ago now but the philosophy never, really, leaves you Big Grin


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