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Warmer Days Ahead
Can anyone recommend a primer that will stick properly to a galvanised garage door please?
Hi Chris,

I seem to recall that an acid etch is used on galvanised steel before painting, similar to Alluminium.
New galvanised is much worse to paint than weathered galvanised.
I believe that there is a hammerite paint which is supposed to go straight onto galvanised.
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Information here,I worked for a company making Bollards which we painted after T washing the New galvanizing with excellent results.
Not happy KC ?

I thought you were recommending some good weather coming.

Considering we are 3/4 the way through the micro museum roof.

If it stays dry wiĺl be finished tomorrow.

Good Weather for a Tobogan perhaps.
Dickie / Andy, thanks for those suggestions. Given that it is a 'mature' door, by the sound of it etch primer might be the way to go, after I've got the rest of the old paint off. I used the Hammerite stuff last time and it is now pretty much falling off.

Ha ha Tony, I'm certainly looking forward to some!
Battling on with small jobs in the shed for now but it's not quite warm enough here for exterior gloss just yet.
Well done for soldiering on with yours.
Actually I have a friend just gone self employed. He has just finished work on industrial roofing.

Also I dont thing the arthritis would be happy after a few days working in this.

Looks like it wont be finished tomorrow either, it's just started snowing.

Perhaps I should get the tabogan out, Croft hill might be rather busy tomorrow.

I don't know the T Wash that Stumpi mentioned, but it looks an excellent product.

In general my process is wash down with Galv-Etch or if you are feeling cheap, Vinegar does the same thing. Rinse well & allow to dry. 1 good coat Zinc Chromate primer allowing to dry completely followed by 1 good coat Universal Undercoat & allow to dry completely followed by 2 coats of gloss enamel.


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