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Dynamo Blanking Disc
I am probably being silly but can anyone advise what I can use (or where can I buy) a replacement blanking disc on a late dynamo that covers the distributor gears? I've look at our cherished suppliers.
Isn't it the same size as one of the core plugs used on the head?
I suggest that a block type of core plug is nearer the size, and it could be reduced if necessary.
Robert Leigh
I don't think either will be suitable as from memory it is a very thin disk, held in place by a sprung round wire (like a very primitive circlip). If you go to the thickness of a core plug, it may not be easy to seat the clip or remove the plug in the future...
Hi Martin,
The C35A Dymamo disc is
33.14mm diameter,
.92mm thick
Approx 4mm dome.
The wire circlip is made of 1.32 diameter wire with a hooked end to aid removal.
I just happen to have on on the workbench at the moment.

It should be easy to make a new disc but the wire retaining clip would be a bit more difficult.

I hope this helps.
Thanks all. I have found a wire retainer and will now make a thin disc (I thought a core plug would be too thick).

Amazing how quickly one can get answers on the forum!
Martin I have a selection of core plugs, will be here Friday
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
im surprised this one doesnt come up more.

ive often thought about having the plate and clip made, as i can never find one when i need one to sell a dynamo.

but i so rearly get asked for them, and took it people are happy to bodge something. ?


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