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RP Top Water Outlet Manifold.
Hi Russell,
There Should be no effect on the solder, any where in the block or head i have normally fitted Horizontally It just means you can use a longer length.
Mostly have used on Marine engines which  have a heat exchanger running fresh water.
Zinc is used in salt water.
On Car Engines there is a lot of stray voltage ie spark plugs need to be grounded to work, generators etc
Marine engines everything earths  back to the Battery through separate leads

Hope That helps
Thanks Colin, I'll take that on board Wink
Thanks for all the replies.  I have finally succeeded in removing the outlet manifold.  It seems that soaking the stud overnight and a GENTLE  twist with a pair of Stilsons did the trick.  The manifold is in a pretty poor state so have ordered a new one.  Now, can anyone recommend  a sealant to use on the gasket when re-fitting the manifold or should it not be necessary ? Undecided.
I find Permatex is good on paper type gaskets on Austin Sevens. Non hardening and good on oil, water and petrol.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

I use Loctite 5920 on everything, although it didn't work on my piles...
Hi John, I thought it might be a cork gasket used on the manifold.  If that is the case will your suggestion be suitable?

OoH Ouch, Huh
If it is cork then it should work dry. However my last one was a sort of cardboard material. Permatex can be used on cork but only sparingly.

John Mason.

Reckless only an arse would use it on piles. Sorry only joking it is good however with hemorrhoids.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

Thanks John, I will wait until it arrives.  I'll second your other comment to RR. Big Grin
It may be shutting the stable door etc but I’ve been using blue anti freeze in my 1931 RN and it’s stopped the corrosion. I’d be interested in what other owners thought

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