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Ruby Sidelights
I'm trying to put together some sidelights (Lucas LD109) which I think are the same as fitted to a Ruby and need some information on the bulb holder. The adaptor and reflector I was going to use seems to be a bit long and although they fit into the shell they don't leave a lot of room to get the cable out at the rear. I'm thinking I've got the wrong parts, does anybody have one in bits they could take a photo of?
Do you have the chrome shell/body, glass & rim? I have a Ruby & an AAL Tourer, both 1937, and their matched pairs of side lights are different sizes!! I don't know if someone replaced one pair or the others. I repaired the bulb holder wires & bulb contact using parts from a BA15S bulb holder. Yes, there is limited space for the wires so I used 'modern' cable? What parts are you particularly interested in. There should be the two parts as in your photos plus 2 clips to retain the reflector part in the chrome rim with glass and the main body.

.jpg   20200223_202146.jpg (Size: 335.35 KB / Downloads: 113)

I replaced the bulb holder in mine with a small piece of rubber heater hose and an LED bulb with bullt in indicators. There's no room for a bulb holder so I soldered the wires... the bits you have there look right. There is very little room behind.
I have two sidelights (one with a split shell) from a Ruby I used to own.  One has internals identical to those in your photos.  The other has something very similar but about 1/16" (1.5mm) shorter.  As Derek says, there is not much room for the wire, but there must be enough.  There may be varieties of these sidelights with slightly different shell sizes and innards, so a set is needed that works together? (The ones on my current Ruby, from February '37, are Mazak rather than brass and look slightly longer.)

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