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Impossible in an Austin 7
Hopefully this little rhyme composed by the late Linda Bird and published in the Midlands Austin 7 Club newsletter, of which she was editor in the late 1970's will not offend anyone. I do seem to remember complaints from a few members at the time.

They say it's an impossible feat
To make love in a Seven backseat
It would be a bit tricky
In a 34 Nippy,
But the problem was there to defeat!

Some here may remember Linda who was the former wife of gearbox man Andrew Bird, Sadly she died of cancer last year at her home in Tenerife.
Dave M - although a lot of stories one hears are not necessarily based on fact, I did have an older, well-dressed, lady admire the Chummy then commented "and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it on the back seat".  Say no more.   Cheers,  Bill in Oz

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