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Seat cushions
It is possible to cut inner tubes and seal the cut ends. This gives you more layout options and means you can inflate an outer 3-sided tube separately from the complete inner one - a bit like the original.

After cutting to length clean the inside of the tube with thinners and run super glue around the inside. Clamp together for a couple of minutes (I used a couple of small wooden battens and a G-clamp) and you'll have a permanent airtight seal.

I made mine about 4 years ago and they've never needed re-inflating.

Car inner tubes are a bit thick and some thought has to be given to the position of any folds so they don't create lumps and bumps.

Fat 26 x 4.00/4.90 mountain bike tubes ordered yesterday, early afternoon, arrived this morning. Seats out this afternoon, old 19" tubes removed, new 26" ones folded and fitted and a resounding success. Seat cushions are now fully filled and look much, much better than they did and equally as comfortable. Without doubt, if you're using tubes for seat cushions, these are the ones to have.

I ordered from Planet X. They are exactly as those in the photo on the web site link, Vittoria Off Road. [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] 2 tubes and next day delivery, £11.97.

Steve, the original Moseley Float-on-Air and Bryan Purves' cushions are in two sections. An inner and an outer. The advantage is that the inner is inflated to a slightly lower pressure and the outer more pressure, so that the outer supports the thighs and the bum sinks down a bit in the center. I like mine immensely, though I don't have many miles in them. Some inflatable kayaks(Iks) use inner replaceable bladders and that might be worth looking at as well.

Erich in Seattle
Yes, aware of all that, Erich, but, frankly, the support mine give is excellent and the previous inner tubes gave 1000s of comfortable miles. The new ones seat exactly the same but fill the envelope better. For less than £12 done and dusted, I'm happy with what I've got.

Yes, Steve, they are a great cushion. I'm surprised more have not gone to them.

Erich in Seattle

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