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Austin 7 Trials Special
Hi looks great hope you don’t mind mE putting a point of view for a bounce r
Aageat help to have a solid hand or inside block so a bent arm can push down to lift one self up quickly
Also a hand strap behind the driver to switch quickly fron up and down to rocking  movemEnt
It’s the drivers call so you work together regaRds Andrew
You can get a Bluemels wheel to fit a Seven...from but the smallest is 15” diameter. I know you can get the actual wheel in a smaller diameter than that...we used 14” at Morgan when I worked there. So there is a Bluemels hub that fits!
There certainly are 14in wheels but does anyone know of a hub that fits the Austin 7 column?
Alan Fairless
Thanks for all your advice.I did try removing the seat squab, there’s nothing underneath, so had to put cardboard to sit on, was’nt that much better.The Ruby wheel sound interesting, as does the Bluemels hub,I’ll look into those, do’nt suppose anyone here has either they want to sell.I still think the way to get a decent amount of space would be to cut into the boat back, it’s alloy with a plywood former so is not impossible.It would then allow me move backwards which would then lower my legs,freeing them from the steering wheel.Re the “running in” 700 miles seems a lot , maybe better safe than sorry, but do’nt know how I’ll have the time to do this,and is this a slow running episode, or should I vary the speed?The pedals, I’ve looked at them and will be able to do something there, the floor already has a step down built in, this definitely helps, and I may be able to do a little more here,The model A is an ongoing project, it’s nearly as uncomfortable as the 7 , but I’m sure the 7 will be better at trialling in the long term, it’s done many of the VSCC events with its last owner since 1995, thanks again to all for the suggestions, Peter
Running in your Seven basically means taking it steady until the engine is warm, not letting the engine 'lug' in a high gear and resisting the temptation to thrash the nuts off it. Just use common sense, but as already suggested change the oil several times. When my engine was recently rebuilt with rebore and pistons I changed the oil at 100 miles, 300 miles 500 miles 750 miles and 1000 miles. I recommend changing the oil at 1000 mile intervals once run in. Just use supermarket 20W-50. You'll be amazed at how much muck comes out.

Whatever you do don't just start it up and leave it ticking over. That will just glaze up the bores and affect oil consumption. Get in it and drive it.
Thanks for that, makes sense
It looks like a nicely shaped body. Definitely avoid chopping it about too much unless you're confident you can do it nicely.
Yes, that’s the worry,but I’m sure it’s possible to do and keep the shape.
can we see a picture of the back of the seat and the rear obstruction etc?
Plus picture of the pedals and steering wheel height?
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