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Forum problems
I hope I'm not giving egg-sucking lessons to anybody, but before you do that Chris, get your tame IT guy [luckily we have one in the family] to have a look at your existing PC and see whether it will run W10. This formerly W7 machine I'm on now , according to MicroSoft shouldn't be capable of going over to 10, but it has, and is working well...
We did have to do a clean install of 10 however, which means saving everything worthwhile to a separate HDD.
FWIW Office 2003 still works for me on 10, so a bonus there too.
Ha ha zero chance I'm buying a new computer - I've only had this one a couple of years. In my house we still have analogue TV....
If you know where to look, you can still get a free upgrade to Windows 10, assuming you have a legit copy of Win 7 or 8. I did it just last week on my desktop machine (the laptop already runs Win 10). I followed the instructions here..

[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Be warned, it does take some time - I recall it took 2 - 3 hours in total, but most of that time, it can be left to its own devices. I did have one problem in that it trashed the driver for my wireless keyboard and mouse, which left me a bit snookered but I replaced them at the end with USB versions which got me round the problem. Subsequent research suggested that was not an uncommon problem.

best of luck!
Didn’t work for me Hugh, screen prompts said all the right things but no update at the end of it all (x3).
Had to bite the bullet and do the clean install with everything crossed for luck...
Like Chris I’m a bit averse to having to constantly update, I’ve only just got over my XP machine being obsoleted...
Still running XP and Firefox on the desktop and Windows 7 and Chrome on the laptop. No problems with the site so far.

Reluctant to abandon XP as it is the last iteration of Windows that will run Kodak Picture Easy for my ancient DC20 camera!
Windows 10 will not talk to my Sony Mini DV video cam either, although otherwise windows 10 works fine on my 10 year old cheapo laptop.

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