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Forum problems
Seemingly fine with Chrome on Windows 10...
Same message as Chris KC,l'm on windows 7 too
The Friends website is secure showing https at the top - as I understand the 's ' means it has an SSL certificate and shouldn't give problems with any search engine or browser.

I found all about this when one of the website SSL certificates expired unexpectedly - I now know more than I ever wanted about security certificates  Sad  

I have an old Windows XP desktop computer with Firefox, a Windows 7 desktop with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer,   Google Chrome and Firefox plus a Windows 10 laptop with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome- all computers work well with the Friends Forum whenever opened (I never log out from the Forum unless by finger fault)  Smile
Windows 7 and Chrome --- no problems.
Mine says
"your connection to this site is not fully secure. Attackers might be able to see the images you're looking at on this site and trick you by modifying them"
Using Windows 10 and Chrome

I have not worried unduly as site does not involve money transfer etc.
No problem Windows 10 Edge.
No problem in Sheffield with windows 8-1
Seems to be up and running again... thanks to whoever has fixed it (?)
I'm an Apple Mac desktop user and have been for almost 30 years - I'm not experiencing any problems with the forum at the present time.

Although I've never owned / used a Windows PC, I am aware that Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 - I think on Tuesday 18th February 2020? My advice to all those Windows 7 members would be to upgrade your OS as soon as possible as your computer will become more vulnerable to attack when online now that Microsoft are no longer supplying security updates and patches. This could be the reason for the "not safe" warnings some have been seeing.

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Yes and Microsoft told me I should consider buying a new computer too!!

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