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AAK Rear Lamps
Can anyone tell me what the correct rear lamps should be on a 1935 AAK Tourer?
1935 AAK Tourer
According to Purves, it would have had a single Lucas tail light without a stop lamp.

He actually says "Lighting: Identical to the Ruby Saloon headlights and sidelights but the tail light was the earlier Lucas version and did not incorporate a stop lamp".

Rinsey Mills says the Lucas ST38A "Pork Pie" lamp was introduced in August 1933.

In deepest Norfolk
Thanks. I suppose a pair of pork pies would be the best option. The ones incorporating stop lamps.
1935 AAK Tourer
Either that or pair of D-shaped lamps fit nicely either side of the number plate.
Originally all sevens would have simply had one rear light, I believe modern lighting regulations in the UK will insist on two being fitted today, so provided you use the period style ST38 or D lamp, as already suggested, appearance would not be too wrong.
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Good evening. As has been stated the car would have been fitted with a single ST38 Pork Pie lamp. I fit these with one of CRDC LED units which give an excellent 'high level' stop lamp which is more suited to today's conditions. Additionally I fit a pair of Lucas 471 lamps to the wings which again I fit with LED bulbs from CRDC, these lamps are available from Jamie at The Seven Workshop.

Regards from the creative county - Staffordshire

Thanks for the replies. I've taken them all on board. Smile
1935 AAK Tourer

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