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outdoor waterproof cover
If thinking about a tonneau cover I suggest that you consider having it made to incorporate a hood bag covering the folded hood in a pocket. In use you can drop the front part behind the seats, and if you want to drive solo a zip along the middle allows the passenger seat to remain covered. The other advantage is that when stretched from the hood to the scuttle it will be high enough to shed rain without needing a support pole. It is also handy for covering the cockpit when you are parked without the bother of erecting the hood, and it conceals the contents far better.
Robert Leigh
I recommend Robert's suggestion as well.
 Of course you can make it as complex as you like, on my own vintage Dodge tourer  I made the passenger compartment section able to be folded    into   the hood bag when not in use. The leading edge of the hood bag is then held down the face of the rear seat by straps. Rear passengers can then use the seat. 
Not content with the  complexity I then made the tonneau to zip off the bag so T could be used when the hood is   up   as well.
Naturally the whole lot is stowed in a bag when not in use.  
Monogrammed   - no

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