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Original wood effect on Mk1 Ruby dashboard...
Looking at my door cappings today, they've spent over sixty years indoors, and were taken off the doors maybe a year ago. They have one coat of shiny black paint, with clean rust-free metal underneath. A bit of surface rust on the side that shows, but peeling black with steel now showing on the back.

Certainly nothing brown or grainy, but did they never use primer?
On the subject of door cappings (apologies for going slightly off-thread) can someone clarify the situation vis-à-vis the Pre-Ruby saloons. My car, which I believe to be a Standard model never had any door cappings when I acquired it (a bit back now) but I don't know whether this was by design or by default.

[Image: WP-20170927-13-41-58-Pro.jpg]
My long sold 'Standard' RP Saloon (I'm sure you'll remember it Wink ) had door cards just like yours with no cappings, Bruce. In fact all the features were identical other than yours are brown, mine were red. The dash and instrument panel on mine were body colour rather than black but that's because I painted it so!!

We had some good times in those two cars.


The deluxe models had door cappings and a somewhat more elabotae door card with carpet like material at the bottom. 
I was recently asked if the area right of right leg to outer panel had a cover trim. Not on my car in living memory but I do not know
Bruce. Your door cards and door furnishings are virtually identical to mine and mine IS a standard saloon.
Will put some photos up tomorrow. It's dark in the garage at the moment.
Not sure if this actually helpful but it gives an insight into the basic principles of graining.
"Motor Car & Coach Painting for Private, Commercial and Mass output" Charles E. Oliver 1924:

Whilst I don't know about Rubies, the 1937 pearl cab I had in the mid sixties had a a wood grain effect dashboard.
So far as MkI (AC) Pearls are concerned the later ones (MkI bodies on MkII chassis) such as that in Rinsey Mills have a very dark brown perhaps wood-effect finish but I don't know for sure about earlier ones.  Mine (June 36 body no 1486) has holes for a removable dash.  Does yours, Ruairidh, which I think is March 36 (AC1318)?  I bought a removable dash off eBay last year and this was a very well-worn brown but with no trace of any wood-effect.  Like so much about the Austin Seven who can be certain how cars left the factory one week and differently the next.
Our Mk1 Pearl was never fitted with a detachable cover/fascia, so far as I can tell (there are no holes or repairs to fill holes evident). This seems common amongst the later Mk1 cars.

I have received some very useful information off Forum and will share this soon.

Thank you very much for everyone's help so far.

not sure if you have seen hydro dipping but it certainly could be a solution - and to my mind more durable than a wrap as they do use it on wheels

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