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Wartime aircraft production
Following in the same vein, the wonderful Talking Pictures TV has this coming up soon:

Fri 28 Feb 11:30 Worker's Weekend (1943) Documentary recording the efforts of workers to build a Wellington Bomber in 30 hours. Directed by Ray Elton.
Bob enjoys lobbing in the occasional rhetorical grenade. 
I think it might be a trait from the irrefutable evidence I have of the inbreeding New Zealanders suffer from..ducks.. Rolleyes
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
I suggest we draw a line under this Bob, the title of this forum encourages the subjects of Friendship and Austin Sevens.
Indeed, you wouldn't want to upset a chap with an American wife or the American users of this forum with such generalist, ill-informed comments based on what you have seen on TV..

As Russell suggests, let that be an end to it...
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