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Front shackles
What is the diameter of the front shackles bush and pin please?
Hi there.
The bush (and therefore pin diameter) is 7/16". Fit the bush in the spring eye and ream to the final diameter in place.
Thank you Bob, I had a feeling it was 7/16 but it’s good to ask?. I have reamers ?

I never had reamed such a bush.

What is a appropriate play between bush and bolt?
I reamed mine to move it from what would have been a tight/slight press fit to a nice smooth fit, perhaps a couple of thou, so just enough gap for smooth lubrication?
Andy B
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
Of course there must be a gap for lubrication. Are there concrete hints in any workshop manual?

Same problem will occur when i will change the bush and the brake cam.
I replaced my front axle shackles and bushes recently. I went for a smooth push fit of the lightly oiled pin in the bush that I could press in with my little finger. A good tip I was given was to soak your reamer in paraffin if you need to take a little more material out of the bush. If the new bush is loose in the spring eye a layer of solder works well to fill the gap.

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