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I thought in an earlier post you had mentioned that you had eliminated ignition problems, but I would have immediately removed the electronic ignition, these can often be troublesome and I suggest returning to points which will eliminate another item from the equation.
Black Art Enthusiast 
I am also in my seventies and live near the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border.
We are about 100 miles away.

Also I have a A7 distributor spare.
Not sure if this will fit your Big Seven could someone advise !!!
We are planning a holiday in your area and are willing to call in to help.

We need to eliminate the ignition possible fault.
Keep the car it will eventually yield much enjoyment
Warm Regards
Hi have taken off electronic ignition reverted back to points and condenser, it will rev if you take it very steady with accelerator pedal. Have ordered new manifold to block gasket so to eliminate possible air leak there. Also checked jets they are correct. I think I am virtually at the last chance saloon, will see how I go on with gasket. Thanks Tim for your kind offer of help may yet have to take you up on it, but fingers crossed think I may at last be getting there. Thanks every one Mike.
Hi Hobbo, Nice to hear it will now rev albeit badly at least it is a step in the right direction. It probably mean that it needs a little fine adjustment to get things right.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

Gasket will be here early next week. Daveg mentioned using silicone sealer, does this have to be heat resistant or will any silicone do. Will probably buy some hylomar as well and make sure it is well sealed. Thanks Mike.
I would use Hylomar over silicone for the gasket Mike. The way you have described things it has always sounded like weak, mixture however this latest development certainly seems to point towards ignition being part if not all of the problem. I wonder how you have set the timing, wear and play int the mechanism can mean static timing is not very accurate, by ear is good with it running, adjust the distributor to the fastest idle, this will be pretty close and you can check if it needs any further fine tuning on the road. You mentioned couple of types of 30VM, the variants have different size chokes and will consequently need different size jets, make sure the jets in your carb match the 30VM variant that you have fitted. Its been a long road but I think we are at last getting there so do not give up, it will be worth it eventually.
Black Art Enthusiast 
Great news Mike !!!!!
If it starts easily albeit on tickover try advancing the ignition.

Maybe that RAC mechanic was correct


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