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Ruby fuel cap wire
Where does the wire holding the fuel cap on a Ruby attach to the car or is just a case of the wire goes in to the tank with a rod at end going across the pipe on the tank.
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There should be a brass fitting mid way down the pipe which the wire passes through and has a crimped end attached
I am always interested in any information about Rosengart details or current owners.
Derek thanks is that on the tube on the tank or the filler tube which the cap fits too.
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Douglas the brass fitting that Derek is referring to is just a few inches down from the top of the filler pipe.
I cannot remember the details - why I did it like this - but a description of what I did may be of help.

The cap wasn't fixed on when I got the car, so, inevitably, I left it on the folded hood one day whilst filling up, and never saw it again.

A new cap from the cherished suppliers is fitted, and wired on as it should be.

I used a bicycle gear cable inner, threaded it through the hole in the brass widget on the inside of the filler tube, brought the end back up ( I have a pair of long surgical forceps which make this a lot easier than it could be) and made a loop which is joined using the inside of a "chocolate bar" type electrical connector.

The loop isn't round the brass thing, it is designed to just act as a stop so the cable cannot get out of the filler tube.

Now there is a long cable which one end is fixed in the filler tube and the other attaches to the cable which comes attached to the cap.

Both cables are cut to a suitable length and I found a small piece of metal tubing which fitted well over the two ends laid side by side, coming into the tube from different ends.

The tube was crimped gently using blunt side cutters, and the cap is now attached to the car.

Why I didn't use a crimped tube instead of the other thing, I don't know.

Someone else will tell us the easy, obvious way that I have missed ...... but maybe this is helpful.



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