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Rear tunnel cover retaining spring
Hi All,

In trying to locate a rear tunnel cover retaining spring for my Ulster Rep, I did not find any of the cherished suppliers supply these. So I have, with the help of others on the Forum, obtained a pattern and some annealed spring material. I've made two, but also have much more material. Is there a need for these? I would be happy to supply others at cost. I understand they sometimes break.

Erich in Seattle
Sorry Erich, I'm not with you - where and why would you require a retaining spring?  All the genuine AEs I've seen had the swing-over strip to retain the cover as in standard models except that the Sports covers are curved.  Happy to learn something new.   Cheers,   Bill in Oz
Hi Bill, the spring is that strip of metal you mention. It is a leaf spring, the one with the bit at the narrow part which is rolled under to push on the cover to retain it. I've seen some which are broken off at the retaining screw/rivet.

Erich in Seattle
Gentlemen they are the same clip as fitted to the tool holder on an Austin heavy 12/4.
In that case you can get them from the VAR spares.
Thank you Robert. At least now I know how, and have the equipment to properly temper springs!

I've reached to VAR Spares, but did not see the part on their website.

Erich in Seattle

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