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Austin 7 Ute
No door, the spare wheel is mounted onto the running board.
Going by the pictures I would think there was no drivers door.

The spare wheel attachment appears to have changed from the early 1928 picture.
Not all original (rather than cut doen tourer) Utes built here had no driver'-side doors.  For those unfamiliar with my Grey Mag article I showed a photo of a '29 version built in Melbourne which had both doors.  This was used by Austin Distributors as a Parts delivery and pick-up vehicle from new.  I fully restored it but haven't seen it since.  I unearthed an old mechanic who'd worked there at the time and who  was permitted to take home this actual Ute as his "company car".  He started to regal me with details of his exploits with girls in the Ute - until his wife walked in with afternoon tea!  (Incidentally, he gave me all the details of his putting a new crank into Waite's SperSports years after it won the AGP).  I have photos of the Austin stands at the Melbourne Motor Shows featuring Utes over the years.   Cheers,  Bill in Oz
Mark Mckibbin wrote:
I found this on the National Library Australia site, it says 1924 would that be correct? 

Bill Sheehan advises:

Austin 7 Ute
Now that I've found the right file I'm reminded that my memory is getting worse.  The photo was not taken in Fremantle but on Perth's South shore looking across the Swan River towards the Swan Brewery.  It and the attached were taken late 1926 for Winterbottom's (Austin 7 agents) Sales brochure for use by their Reps.   Cheers,  Bill in Oz

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