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Happy Birthday South Wales Austin 7 Club
Hi All

On December 12th 1969 founding members of our club met in Cardiff and passed a resolution forming the South Wales Austin Seven Club.  Afterwards they moved to “The Chopsticks” Chinese Restaurant. That restaurant no longer exists so 27 current members met last night in the “Cantonese Riverside Restaurant” (very close to the original site) to celebrate the clubs 50th birthday.

There were several founding members present last night all eager to relay stories about the club.  The meal was excellent and rounded off with a superb cake and a display of old newsletters, rally brochures and other memorabilia.  Despite the atrocious weather there was even a Seven in the car park!

I’d just like to repeat “Happy Birthday” and wish the club many more happy returns (to whatever restaurant is chosen  Smile).


Happy birthday to one of my favourite A7 clubs!

Iechyd da!

Hi Howard, Yes it was a very pleasant night, there were a number of founder members present, including Mr Kelvin Price, Mike and Ann Pilgrim and David and Helen Blessley. Roger Pugsley turned up in his dads box saloon as his father was also a founder member. We all enjoyed a very pleasant evening with trips down memory lane, such as buying Austin 7s for £2 10 shillings, roll on the next 50 years. 
Well done SWA7C....... I used to attend meetings when I was a student at Caerleon, first with my 'Racer' and then with the A7 van ..... happy days and a lovely welcoming group of people......  Mike Pilgrim even lent me a rebuilt engine to keep the van on the road (only means of transport!) when it's engine broke ... thanks Mike !
We too used to attend the early meetings with other members from Bristol.
I think it was half a crown each way across the Severn Bridge which suggests that we all had a very good time and received a warm Welsh welcome,
In 1971 the two clubs made a joint two week assault on Ireland never to be forgotten.By us or the poor Irish I think.
Hi Ian. Well the Prince Of Wales bridge is now FREE to cross, what a bargain. Free to enter Wales.
I seem to remember a Welsh poets lament which went something on the lines

Oh mighty engineering feat,
Across the great divide.
Why is it that all tolls are taken
Upon the English side

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