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my LITTLE nippy finished.
Hi Guys, can someone tell me what the best exhaust downpipe to use for the least cutting shutting and bending for a real size Nippy as I understand these are no longer available. Better still does someone have an old one that I could borrow to have copied. currently have fexi pipe fitted to mine.
Regards Rob
Have you considered hot bending Rob? It's not a walk in the park but having done an Ulster tailpipe last summer I could talk you through it.

You'd need a pattern of course, either way.
Thanks, Chris, that's kind of you, however, I have nothing to go on at the moment, although my Flexi pipe works well would like the proper thing in place just from the aesthetics alone. may call on you Chris at a later date for some instruction once I have good template. I appreciate your kind offer at this stage. I hope all is well at your end.
Regards Rob
No problem Rob. Chris Gould is your man if you seek a pattern.

Forgot to say the 'ickle Nippy looks great!
Thanks, Chris, didn't know that re C.Gould, does he have a contact number?
All I can say is few people know more about Nippies than Chris, and he has often been kind enough to send patterns for fiddly bits when other sources failed, I'm sure he'll be able to set you on the right track.

I'll p.m. you with contact details.
Great Stuff !

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