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getting brake lining rivets 'square on'
I note some above are using simple rounded punches whereas the proper tool is concave with a centre dimple and produces as per Robert Foremans photo with no splitting. However rivets have to be just the right length and I must admit to often finsihing with a simple rounded punch.
Homemade but does the job.

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" Just open your source book p 530 "

Now that's what I call a proper swan-neck punch! Does the original Austin one really have a 6-lobed scallop engraved face around the pip or was that artistic licence?
Mine is like the one in Dave Mayle's post. I also have an anvil made out of 1/2" bar to put in the vice to sit the rivet head on. The only problem is not having enough hands to do it on my own... one has to call the Mem'Sahib, providing she's not having her tiffin.

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