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New from ATF
This has appeared, a bit of a horror IMHO, particularly the motorcycle tyres! Still, someone will love it I'm sure.

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I agrée...! U are 100% right. I know that car from some times ago... An extra overrated price and as you told  modern motorcycle tyres...  Undecided
I thought that has potential to be quite nice, but then I saw the price.
Alan Fairless
Hi Duncan,
The radiator is really dreadful where it is so far in front and of course the tyres should be offered to poor bikers...
I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole. It's UK registered but in France and you'd never be able to get it registered in France unless the FFVE in their generosity gave it an "attestation" of originality seeing as it's a (very dodgy IMHO) special. It'll be worth two bob and a blackie's egg after Brexit.
Hi RR,
Agreed. I don't reckon this thing is able to be registered here, brexit or no brexit. The price is ridiculous.
The advert says it has a Carte Grise, and the British registration is not recognised on the DVLA site.
Hello Mike,
The seller indeed says:
"Carte grise Française de collection
Démarches carte grise pour vous"
Which could mean that there's already a CG to be transfered to your name, an easy task.
But like Reckless I'm sceptical about the very existence of that CG de collection for such a car. And I looked also on the DVLA which does'nt know it.

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