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Spot the Ruby
Click this link for a high-resolution download - it's possible to read the registration number: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

This and other pictures (circa 1955) were discovered this weekend in a folder unrelated to the maker concerned.

[Image: img0.jpg]

[Image: xx.jpg]
BVW 394, a Mk1 Ruby de-luxe; does not come up on the DVLA records, but that's perhaps not surprising. The Morris Minor looks pretty new, so the photo will date from the early 1950s, maybe even the late 1940s. Looking up Gamble Street from Forest Road West, Radford, Nottingham.

.jpg   Ruby.JPG (Size: 75.7 KB / Downloads: 173)
Unfortunately, the photographs from the Raglan publicity department are undated - and the only known information is that Raglan moved into what was probably an unused silk-weaving mill " the early 1950s" and first catalogue for the Mk.2 Little John lathe was stamped June, 1953. Also, as the Company had a taken the trouble to put up some rather fine lettering on the facade, one might assume that the picture was taken in early 1953. I had that minor down as an "Oxford" - I've only to see one of those to remember spending a whole hot summer's day going mad with the T-Cut and that dreadfully-hard-to-apply-and-polish Simonize wax on a neighbour's Oxford - and all for £0 : 12s : 0d pocket money (but enough to get away with Sarah for a night at the Star cinema, ice creams, fish and chips and a "walk" in the park...

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