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North Wales
My area seems to be the only one in the country without an owners club, I live in St Asaph in North Wales, are there any other owners in the area that I can have a chat with and compare notes.
Hi Barry

The South Wales Club has several members in the North.  Let me or the secretary know and I’m sure we can put you in touch.

Alternatively I know the Pre War A7 club has a regular meeting in Cheshire.


I live in Bala and I have often thought of putting out a post to see if there are any members in North Wales who would like to start a group in the area but not got around to it.

The trouble with our nearest groups, Cheshire and Shropshire/Staffs are that their meetings are both about 70 miles away from me (and presumably a similar distance from you, Barry) and 140 miles in an evening is a long way in a Seven. so i would be interested.
Hi David
Thanks for your reply. I’m sure there must be several owners and enthusiasts in our area who would be interested in getting in touch. Perhaps if we both keep plugging away we could get something organised. I have joined the Automobile Club of North Wales but I find I the vast majority of members have performance classics rather the our rather sedate vehicles so there’s no point in me joining in the runs as they would be waiting forever for me!
I have a similar problem with the Meirionnydd Classic Car Club!
I live in east London and there is no one here either, Looks like I will have to take my A7 down to Williton, Somerset where my family are and leave it there.
Better driving roads at least.
Barry, I think maybe you are being a little restrictive by limiting yourself to A7s. There is a pretty active VSCC group for whom St Asaph is a regular starting point for runs out. They are a very friendly group and I have had runs out with them a few times ( I was a member of VSCC which helps.) 
If interested, contact Gareth and Heather on
I would stress though, it is a Vintage Sports Car Club group so, if you wish to participate you really should belong to the club.
Hello, I'm in Rhos on Sea. We started a local group here about 20 years ago, but the chap running it moved to South Wales and it fizzled out.
Hi Alan
The chap in South Wales is forwarding me a list of owners in our area, perhaps we can get something going. I don'tr mind doing the legwork provided ther's enough interest.
I'll keep in touch with what's happening
Barry Townsend
Same problem here in North Gloucestershire.  Huh

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