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Engine numbers
I am trying to find out the age of my Austin's engine. The current one is M247 347 I noticed in an old log book the original engine number was M206 168.Any information would be welcome.
I would say early 1936
As Belinni has said M247347 would date to the first half of 1936 as the first 3 bearing engine was apparently introduced on 16th June 1936 at engine number M249052. Your cars original engine M206168 would date to the second half of 1934 as engine M207700 is shown as November 1934. The above information is from the book 'The Austin Seven - The Motor For The Million 1922 - 1939 by R.J. Wyatt'.
It's worthwhile pointing out John that whilst the M (motor) number on the crankcase can give you an approximate date, don't forget that after 80 odd years there's no guarantee that the rest of the engine is original or contemporary to the crankcase. Many cars (mine included) have engines that have been made up from bits of others as a long time ago there were plenty of spares available quite cheaply in scrap yards and breakers. There are other parts of the engine assembly which carry a serial number, such as the flywheel and the engine block (inside the valve chest) which might indicate their date and which might or might not match the crankcase number!

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