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Austin Sevens in Films
These can all be found on You Tube.
A 1930 Austin Swallow Two Seater
appears in the 1934 film The Gay Divorcee
(Astaire and Rogers) (at 43mins 44secs and twice earlier
in film very briefly in background)

A 1929
Austin Swallow Two Seater RU
8731 appears in the 1940 film
Spare a Copper (Geo

The 1931 Swift Swallow Saloon
GT 6133 can be seen very fleetingly in opening sequence of
the 1969 film The Prime of Miss Jean
Brodie (Maggie
The 1929 Austin Swallow Two
Seater KX 2550 appears in the 1980 TV
mini-series Love in a Cold Climate
(Judi Dench)
An Austin Swallow
Saloon (grey finish) appears in the 2003 TV
series - Battle Stations: B17 Flying
Fortress (very briefly at 22mins
The Eagle Has Landed?

.jpeg   FEC84404-F575-48FF-94F8-B973A2CDC6DE.jpeg (Size: 19.26 KB / Downloads: 594)

.jpeg   B6D8106E-62E5-4437-B479-D6C0C673ED7F.jpeg (Size: 26.46 KB / Downloads: 594)
1931 RN, 1933 RP
The tourer in the Eagle film is an AH tourer ATW 627 and is on the A7C register (as an AJ) Norfolk A7 club.
re Rolands pics, with the latest gun laws here if anyone nicked your Seven wheels, would have much reduced chance of  getting them back. The guys in photo would have much better prospects.
Having nothing better to do the other night, I amused myself by watching all six episodes of BBC's 1957 scifi drama Quatermass II. In the third episode, I was intrigued to note that an Austin Seven cowled rad Open Road Tourer makes an appearance, firstly parked by a beach and later being towed into a secret government establishment, the owner and his family having come to a sticky end.
There's some nice background footage of VX 9831 getting a service in "Get Cracking" (George Formby / Dinah Sheridan, 1943 - approx. 34 - 38 minutes in).

Delightfully this car is still showing as taxed and MOT'd - I imagine the present owner knows, but possibly not...anybody know them?

Also some heavier Austins for those interested; one has a cow in the back and the other gets converted into a tank...

.jpg   1.JPG (Size: 48.32 KB / Downloads: 318)

.jpg   2.JPG (Size: 55.48 KB / Downloads: 318)

.jpg   3.JPG (Size: 50.14 KB / Downloads: 320)
The late Arthur Davies van appears briefly in "Mrs Henderson Presents" about the Windmill Theatre
Attentive viewers will spot a few Sevens at work in "Death Drives Through" from Ealing Studios (1935). Not the best film I've ever seen but worth a watch for the period footage of Brooklands - both race track and aerodrome.

.jpg   20201229_074458 copy.jpg (Size: 620.38 KB / Downloads: 128)

.jpg   20201229_074704 copy.jpg (Size: 393.24 KB / Downloads: 128)

.jpg   20201229_075519c.jpg (Size: 478.96 KB / Downloads: 130)

.jpg   20201229_080213c.jpg (Size: 608.47 KB / Downloads: 128)
is it online anywhere, Chris? Can't find it from a brief search.
'Fraid not Jon.
It's on the "Ealing Studios Rarities Collection" Vol. 3 - and copy protected :0)
Just checked eBay & the cheapest one up at the moment is a fiver which seems a lot for a 1-hour 'B' flick (mind you there are 3 other films in the box).
You're welcome to a lend next time you're passing.

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