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Austin Sevens in Films
I think we had a thread on this subject on the old site, but I'll start things off with an obscure film from, I think, the late 1960s, about the German occupation of Denmark, called The Only Way. Yes, really, in one of the opening scenes is a Danish-registered RM saloon!

.jpg   The Only Way.JPG (Size: 47.8 KB / Downloads: 1,182)

An added bonus is a leading role for a young Jane Seymour!
I've just watched a 1942 film 'Went the day well 'it's about a little village overrun by Nazis in disguise,  but there's a lovely 1932 RN bombing around in it ( tried to upload a photo but failed miserably )
Yer 'tis:

.jpg   Went the Day Well.JPG (Size: 62.91 KB / Downloads: 1,098)
The opening sequence of Our Miss Fred features my ORT. I wouldn't advise watching it though...
i sent an early Australian exploration film, containing Austin footage, over to the association via dropbox some time ago and have not heard if it was received. If not I will ask my younger relatives how to try again.
Sorry Russell, I’ve looked back and we did receive the film (via a Dropbox link) in October 2018. I’ve now copied it into my own Dropbox files and will look to publish it (if that is ok) with some other films we have recently unearthed in the Archive and have digitised..

Thanks again..
Thanks Hugh, good footage to publish. I shall be seeing Anna today and will  ask her what progress there is on the Barry Argent set. I suspect she has finished digitising and massaging the print quality. Last I heard she had questions re publishing?  regards  Russell
The silent version of the 1929 Hitchcock film "Blackmail" has very brief appearances of a G.E. Cup in street scenes.

And the 1961 Terry-Thomas film "A Matter of WHO" features a Chummy in several sequences, if I recall.
I think we have had a similar thread on this forum; and I believe it was Bill Sheehan who proposed by far the best film I've seen for A7 footage as well as for general contemporary London traffic - 'Jack's the Boy' (1932). It's also a bit of a laugh. Though yes I'd agree 'Went the Day Well' is also good.

.jpg   Capture.JPG (Size: 110.89 KB / Downloads: 831)

Watch (or copy!) the movie here:

There's also an incidental A7 or two in 'The Eagle has Landed'.
There is an early Ruby getting in the way in 'Hell Drivers' in 1957:

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