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An Austin Seven story book for children (of all ages)...
My lovely wife has written and published her own book  "Willow and Monty go to a wedding" with the help of her illustrator friend Scott Paterson.

The book is for children (of all ages) and tells the story of how Willow, a young girl, and her parents travel to the wedding in their 1928 Chummy, Monty.  

An order form can be downloaded here: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

If you require overseas postage please get in touch via the email address on the form and we can provide you with costings plus IBAN numbers etc.

The A4 sized book is beautifully hand illustrated throughout 38 pages - ideal for Christmas!




Mine is  ordered
Ruairidh , I am trying to find out postage costs to Australia.
The email address doesn't seem to work.
My email is '
Thank you everybody, for the orders - Tanya is quite overwhelmed!

Ian, I have now sent her your email address and copied you in.

It appears to be the same cost to send 1 as it is to send 4 to Australia - if a number of you want one, it would be a good idea to bulk order.

When I was away from home attending my elderly father and his property I used to send my infant son strip cartoons of my activites. Standing on the top step of step ladders etc, painting the peak of the roof etc.

I have considered producing a booklet based on my father's experience of a steering failure nearly 70 years ago. But I have been unable to think of suitable  expletives.

Picnicking in the 1950s was very different from today. Persons used to stop on the roadside, by bridges, on the beach etc and brew tea using a Primus or Thermette (Benghazi burner).  They were not restricted to designated parking areas. In summer many had a picnic evening tea. Large groups and their guffawing, music and dogs did not ruin the experience. My father used to remove and use the front seats, and cups and things were assembled on the running board . All sufficently different to today to make a story. An annoying feature of modern cars is that there is no flat surface to place anything. although the habit has cost me a few good tools. My father's apprentices were very amused when he drove through town with his work shoes on the Austin roof.
Some of us still picnic Bob...


That's it. Vastly more pleasant and memorable than a coffee shop, where all flock now.
Tanya Dunford - I need to thank you for this super super book just delivered.
The illustrations are very atmospheric, the story is lovely.
My grandson is going to be delighted.
A collectors item for all ages.
She says:

“Thank you Nick, that is lovely”.


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