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Hi All, could someone tell me the various symptoms loose rivets on the clutch would have on the 36, A7? mainly on pull away and Reverse from a standstill.
Regards Rob RPM
My clutch proved to have slightly loose rivers and the main symptom was juddering in reverse, which was eradicated by never slipping the clutch and just using it as an on/off device.
Thanks, Colin. Mine is virtually undrivable in reverse due to the same. however not tried the on-off method for fear of uncontrolled lift off.
Least that's nailed the probable answer, end result at removing the engine.
... or the gearbox without the engine. It's far less work on a Ruby, although access to the clutch is not so easy.
Robert Leigh
Thanks, Colin, mine is a Nippy so I think engine and box out together unless someone tells me different. I'm new to A7s so may have to take it to someone with knowledge on clutches. working out of a lock-up is very hard restoring. Any other A7 owners live near me?
Regards Rob.

Any other A7 owners live near me? Barking / east London
Hi Rob, my car is a 65, so very similar to yours. I doubt I could get the gear box out separately on mine although I haven't tried. A lot will depend on what has happened to the bulkhead and floor over the years. However, I wouldn't fancy trying to work on the clutch in situ, it's much easier on the bench.
Rpm sorry I don't know your experience level with Sevens but are you quite sure there's something wrong with it?
I'm with Chris here, many 7s are like that in reverse and not necessarily symptomatic of loose clutch rivets.
Thanks, Colin, I will take the engine out and gearbox in one unit, if thats the case . Car drives fine once on the move gear change up and down is good, pull away and reverse awful, really bad in reverse. The torque bracket has little or no adjustment left, although not loose so thinking it could be the clutch plate rivets. The clutch was replaced by the previous owner and riveted using home tools. perhaps im looking through the wrong end of the telescope with this annoying judder.

Chris I have no experience with Sevens, but always wanted to own one.
To back up what the others say:   they judder in reverse.

Both of mine do, it helps if you grit your teeth, check behind, and let the clutch up all the way, stop trying to reverse slowly.

What is it like when changing down, using the engine as a brake?   They judder then, as well.

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