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RPChassis Number
Hi folks, I need to find the Chassis Number on the December 1932 RP Austin 7 Box Saloon.  Any ideas where it might be found.  I did see somewhere that it could be under the starter motor but looked but it is not there. Thanks 
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no - too early. Try behind the rear mounting on the other side. And if not, just in front!

Scratch through the paint. N/S edge of the rail.
Thanks JonE, I'll look again tomorrow (weather permitting) Cheers.
On my RP the chassis number is on the nearside chassis rail, to the rear of the rear n/s engine mount very close to where the bulkhead meets the chassis. If you have deflector plates fitted there is a screw holding the plate to the chassis with a 'P' clip that holds the fuel pipe. Look just rearwards of that.
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Thanks  R/R for the Input.

Thank you Martin. That will be very helpful.
Mine is also as reckless rat says good luck

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