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Windscreen frame
    In amongst a van load of parts I've acquired is this windscreen frame, it is 361/2" wide, does anybody know which car it belongs to.
Looks like an early 1930s tourer - could be 2-seater or 4-seater - AJ or PD or something like that.
hi dave,

with mike on that one, looks like 32 to 34. 2 or 4 seat tourer.

was there any 23 parts in the van, hood frame, windscreen, BODY?

cheers tony.
Bloody optimist  Big Grin
No Tony, a local car repairer phoned me to say he had some Seven bits, either I took them or they were going to scrap, a transit van load. A complete Ruby chassis with rear springs and crossshaft, two rear axles (1933 & 1934), two crankcases (high & low frame) 4 working dynamos, 2 working 4 speed starters, two blocks, 3 RN/RP front wings, pair of Ruby NS wings. The list is 90 lines long. Anybody want the windscreen frame?
I could probably doctor it into a Screen top Gordon England Dave. How much do you want for it?
OK Hedd, one of the verticals is a loose fit on the horizontal which may help you, how does £40.00 suit.
sounds good to me dave. I'll PM you in the morning. Been up since 4am and going to bed now

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